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Set your personal schedule

You can pressure with Longergocab every time, day or night time, 12 months a year. When you drive is usually as much as you, so it by no means interferes with the essential matters to your lifestyles. Taxi service & Cab Service Near

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Trip fares begin with a base quantity, then growth with time and distance. And while demand is better than normal, drivers make greater. new open Taxi service

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Just Join now and move. You’ll get turn-by-flip instructions, gear that will help you make extra, and 24/7 assist—all available right there in the Customer care. Near taxi service & Cab service

About the Longer Go Cab

Designed only for drivers

When you need to make money, just join now the Longer Go cab and you’ll start to get hold of ride requests. You’ll get data about your rider and guidelines to their vicinity and destination. When the journey is over, you’ll acquire every other close by request. And in case you’re geared up to get off the road, you may sign off at any time.

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You’re inside the driver’s seat. So reward yourself with discounts on fuel, automobile preservation, mobile cell phone payments, and extra. Reduce your each day fees and take domestic extra money. New Open cab service


Know you’re prepared to hit the road. Whether you’re riding your very own car or a commercially-licensed car, you need to meet the minimum requirements and whole a protection screening online. taxi service near me


When you power with Longergocab, you get 24/7 driver assist. And all riders are demonstrated with their private facts and phone range, so that you’ll understand who you’re selecting up and so can we. personal cab service & Taxi Service

Longer Go Cab

.Documents required.. to start driving with Longer Go Cab

Owner Documents

PAN Card
Cancelled Cheque
Aadhaar Card
Address Proof

Car documents

Vehicle RC
Vehicle permit
Vehicle insurance

Driver documents

Driving license
Aadhaar card
Address proof

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