How to work?

”Longer Go Cab,,

Step 1

A rider call the customer care

The Rider asks customer care about the subscription plan and then customer care gives the complete details of to the rider subscription plan


Step 2

A rider choose subscriptions plan

And then the rider chooses one of the subscription plans from a few subscription plans

Step 3

The rider is matched with a driver

After that, the rider gets a private car and meets the driver who will be with him for the whole month.

Step 4

And start your journey with 'Longer Go Cab,

Rider now starts his journey and makes his mark among the masses. And a different importance of rider is created

Step 5

Riders and drivers do leave your feedback and ratings

After that, taking the service of the rider and driver, they leave their feedback and rating. From whom we get you what more we can advertise in our service plan and what other improvements can be made in the service.